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»   Interns on the hot seat! Fantastic 4 prepping their stories for the OVVYouth retreat... wonderful! {view link}

»   Join us this coming Sunday (March 29th) for the conclusion of our Mission Immersion. We will be having a more... {view link}

»   Mission Immersion Conclusion- potluck this SUNDAY! {view link}

»   Jacob Moon @ovvcp #compassioncanada {view link}

»   OVV Mission Immersion: Compassion Sunday with Jacob Moon. Don't miss it! {view link}

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"We're all people with messes of lives".  We start most Sundays with that simple acknowledgment... that we are imperfect people wanting to know Jesus better. We're celebrating an interactive friendship with Jesus and fumbling along at trying to love people like He did. We're enjoying His presence and each other along the way.  It's all about relationship! We're loving God, loving people, and having fun!

Welcome to the journey!!!

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We understand that your first time visiting a church brings up lots of questions.  From, "when does it start?" to "what is the coffee like?"; this is our attempt to answer some of those questions and help you feel a little more at home.

Vineyard Institute
In the Fall 2014 we're lauching a Vineyard Institute (VI) Canada site at OVV. 

Vineyard Institute is an educational provider for the Vineyard movement, formed to develop leaders at all levels of church life through high quality theological training. If you are leading in a Vineyard church, or in the early stages of your leadership development, and are interested in developing your theological, biblical and leadership theory and practical application, then Vineyard Institute is for you.