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OVV Grow

At OVV we believe in our kids! Sunday school is not babysitting. Our purpose is having fun while helping kids develop life skills that will enable them to meet the challenges they face and the choices they will have to make in today's world. Even very young children can learn ways of showing love and obedience for God in everyday life.

Weekly lessons include a variety of both Old and New Testament character driven bible stories that will lead children to discover key ways in which they can live as Jesus’ disciples. As children focus on the words of Jesus (simplified for preschoolers), they will be led to consider the ways in which they can follow His example. Because children learn in diverse ways, we have a variety of activities suited to different learning styles.

Our emphasis is on having fun in a safe environment, while at the same time learning to live every day for God as His courageous disciples! Anyone who volunteers to work with children at OVV is required to complete the Plan to Protect program. 

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OVV Grow on ZOOM - Sun 9:00 am (Resumes Jan 10th)

Come join us as we play games, hear cool stories, hang out together and engage in Gods word! Its going to be awesome!!

Here’s what to expect

  • Welcome

  • Interactive fun game

  • Story & Discussion (Q&A kids style)

  • Close in prayer

OVVGrow Online - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89395493762?pwd=UTJBYk1BZ21Td2ljQy80RkpENkd6UT09

Meeting ID: 893 9549 3762

Passcode: 155896




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TBD Youth

We believe in our youth! Each one has an amazing future, that from our perspective is yet “to be determined” (TBD), but from God’s perspective looks like a well crafted and cunning plan! Our young people are filled with energy and potential and are a vital part of the OVV community.

TBD Youth runs every Tuesday night for Junior and Senior High. Our hope is to facilitate an encounter that balances fun and social engagement with a rich worship and learning experience to help our youth develop vital friendships and a deep and lasting relationship with Christ as His disciples.


TBD Youth on ZOOM - Tuesdays at 7:00 pm

Grades 7-12 welcome!

Contact Simon and Kathy for more details and to get the ZOOM link



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