Lead Pastor & Spouse


Ahren Summach

Lead Pastor

I love the church! I believe she is the hands and feet of Jesus in the world... the tangible representation of His being. She's "Plan A" and there's no "Plan B". If Jesus is the groom, then she's the bride that captivates His heart. I believe her faithful, passionate, gathering and witness in response to His love IS the compelling, echoing clarion call for a lost and dying world to come and meet Him. I believe the gates of hell shall not prevail against her. I believe she is imbued with eternal purpose as the temple that is to be filled with His Glory. I feel passionately called to build her up, encourage her and help her grow!

Career/vocation: Pastor

Hobbies: Fishing, golf and cooking


Anna Summach

Over the years Anna has played a variety of significant roles in the life of the OVV community, especially during the planting phase. While currently working outside the church and involved in other projects, Anna’s heart remains committed to the kingdom and she continues to participate in various ministries of the church as she is able. Anna is an avid quilter and fabric artist. She is an avid podcast listener and has a passion to learn and grow.

Career/vocation: Production (Equator Coffee Roasters)

Hobbies: Quilting and Fabric Art

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Kathleen Patchell


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OVV Staff and Volunteer Staff


Linda Sprunt - Office Admin

The Lord and my family!

Career/vocation: Gramma, office admin
Hobbies: Knitting, crocheting, and reading


Matt Houle - Care and Groups

I want to know and live in the truth. God has called me to himself and has shaken my understanding of reality to the core. He has radically transformed my life and I am continually overwhelmed by his beauty. 

Career/vocation: Congregational Care Pastor (OVV)/ theRIVER Gardener (theRIVERcommunities.com)

Hobbies: I love coffee, friends, meetings, beer, community.


Sofia Levans - Communications

I am passionate about my family, the outdoors and helping others reach their goals.

Career/vocation: Business Analyst

Hobbies: Youth volleyball program coordinator


Kathy Moore-Crispin - Children and Youth

I love my church and my family. I have a passion to see children know that they are loved and to see them grow in relationship with Jesus. I want to see teens reach their full potential, not just in who they might be in terms of life and career, but who they can truly be as disciples of Christ.

Career/vocation: Children and Youth Pastor

Hobbies: I love making my home hospitable and beautiful. I like to walk and ski. I enjoy being out on the lake on a sunny day.


Ministry Leaders


Barry Holden


Christena Holden


Jake Warren

Young Adults

Kathleen Patchell